Go Back to Sleep

Sadly, today’s forecast for Central Park begins “A steady rain this morning”; as wet workouts haven’t worked terribly well for us in the past, looks like we’re off for the week.


  • http://myspace.com/davidosorio David

    I wasnt going to be able to Xfit in the park today anyway.
    see you guys soon

  • Christopher

    If anyone wants to workout during the week mornings/early after noon hit me up, Id love to. I am beyond new to crossfit but itd be great to workout with someone whos into it during the week..

  • andy

    Have just started crossfit and been introduced to some of the exercises by Keith. Would like to workout in Central Park early am (6:30) weekdays as long as it’s not raining.

  • juan g.

    I’d be down for a WOD this Thursday and Friday, I
    havent been out to see you guys in awhile…

  • alex

    I keep trying to make it out there on Sunday mornings, but I always wake up on Sunday and its 10:30. Oh well…
    Hopefully I’ll work out with y’all soon.

  • andy

    Juan: Are you on for Thurs a.m. (6:30) at Ross Pinetum for WOD or some other variations.?

  • juan g.

    andy: count me in.
    everybody else: let’s go, you sandbaggers.

  • Justin

    I would be more than willing to go later in the evening, but Im a Queens bum who works in Queens as well so I cant make the AM…

  • andy

    Juan: See you 6:30am Thurs.

  • dan

    did you guys really do your 6:30 am rooster workout yesterday?

  • andy

    I was there Thursday solo. Did a couple of sets of jumping pull-ups, squats, push-ups, and walking lunges. Anyone interested in Saturday am workout in the Park if weather is ok?

  • Kevin Prowse

    I can be in the park if you want to meet at 930 Am. I live in Queens andI have an appointment at 12 noon so if we could do a quick intense workout that would be cool with me let me know.

  • http://crossfitoakland.com Maximus

    Hi All,
    A little video of something I learned at CrossFit NYC can be found at http://crossfitoakland.com