Monthly Archives: October 2006

So Cold!

We have to take this indoors pretty soon as it is getting too cold to play outside. I thought there would be more people today since we all got an extra hour of sleep, but only 4 of us showed… Read more »

Running in circles

Five rounds for time: Run 200m 20 squats 10 pullups Times ranged from 9 minutes to 13 minutes. We played on the rings afterwards and did some skin the cats.

Minute by Minute

Drew and I threaded our ways through the nearby New York Triathlon, to work our way through a pullup/thuster countup: With a continuously running clock, do: 1 Pullup the first minute 2 Medicine ball thrusters the second minute 3 Pullups… Read more »

Go Back to Sleep

Sadly, today’s forecast for Central Park begins “A steady rain this morning”; as wet workouts haven’t worked terribly well for us in the past, looks like we’re off for the week.