No Walking Tomorrow

As all of us were a day behind, we started off with a variation on yesterday’s WOD:
200m Walking Lunges
400m Run
100 Squats
400m Run
Nothing more comical then watching people try and jog after their quadriceps have totally given out.
Ironically, two folks nearby were also independently doing yesterday’s WOD, and joined in the fun for a ring dip and chest-to-bar pullup ladder. We stopped before failure, as muggy weather, sweaty hands and lack of chalk was leading to some serious slippage off the pullup bar, and transitioned into some skin-the-cat instead.
Then, newcomer David put us through a core exercise called ‘rocking’, that did, indeed, rock most of us.
Walking down the steps at Fred’s to brunch made clear how ugly our legs are likely to be tomorrow.


  • Yoon

    Just writing myself a reminder to bring water next Sunday, so as to avoid the inevitable post-WOD mouth paste.
    Oh yeah, I’m in considerable pain right now.

  • Kevin Prowse

    I’m glad you guys had an awesome workout. Sounded intense. In a way I’m glad I didnt go because my kettlebell class that day also placed a lot of emphasis on the lowerbody. They had me do Hindu Squats for two minutes straight along with kettlebell lunges and other types of torture. I’m feeling a bit sore myself. How’s it going with finding a new facility for Crossfit?
    Take Care,

  • Michael

    A question for Joshua;
    Any update on your new location? I’d love to know as soon as you are up and running!
    A question for Yoon;
    Where do you take Kettelbell classes in the city?
    Thanks to both!

  • Christopher

    The link to contact crossfit wont work for me so im giving this a shot. I want to join you guys, are you only doing sunday workouts? If so where and what time.

  • Keith W.

    For the moment where are meeting on Sundays in Central park at the playground at West 84th St, North of the Great Lawn by the pullup bars. Very soon we will get our own facility and have daily classes and privates. Come by and say hello, Chris.

  • Justin

    Sounds great about the facility…Leslie and I our looking forward to getting back to working out with everyone. We’ve been so busy lately we havent been able to make it out to the park, but things will hopefully settle down now that Oct. is here.

  • Yoon

    Hi Michael,
    It was actually Kevin Prowse posting below me who had mentioned the kettlebell classes. I’m a bit out-of-the-loop regarding any workshops in NYC.
    Come to think of it, now I’m curious where he takes them as well.

  • Jim

    I took the workout from the otehr day of 200m walking lunges, 44m run, 100 squats and another 400m didn’t specify how many sets you guys did…i did 4 full sets this morning in about 1 hour and i can barely walk now…did i do too many..not it based on how fast you get it done? I would love some feedback..realy appreciate it! JM

  • Jim

    I meant 440m on both runs..where and when can i join you guys if you are no longer at 5 points? Jim

  • Yoon

    Hi Jim,
    This workout was inspired by the main CrossFit WOD from Sept 23rd. It actually called for only a single round of all exercises. I can’t imagine the pain you must have been in, as I thought 1 round all-out was bad enough.
    Anyway, 1 hour sounds pretty darn good for the amount of work you did. If you want, you can sort of compare yourself to others’ times at the link below (though their times are for a single round and only 100 meters of walking lunges).