Arms Like Silly Putty

Yoon and I attracted gawkers and co-participants, blazing through Cindy, but both falling short of our 20 round goal:
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats
Paying no heed the fact that neither of us could really pull ourselves up by that point, we ran through a few muscle-up skill drills, and gave some passersby the chance to dip shakingly on our Power Rings.
Another beautiful weekend in the park.


  • juan g

    so there isn’t a gym space yet, right?
    is crossfit central park, saturdays and sundays?

  • At the moment, just Sundays. We’re looking at spaces, as our next step is giving up on the co-location plans and finally building out a gym of our own. Hopefully, news on that front shortly.

  • Justin

    Well, whatever help Leslie and I can provide let us know…Its our last week at 5 points and we are about to join the cheap-ass hole in the wall in Astoria as I continue to make a complete ass out of myself learning BJJ.

  • Ash

    Just dropped in on your website.
    Have you guys thought about subleasing space from a BJJ/MMA type school? Back before my kids were born and all my leisure time died, I used to train BJJ quite a bit. I remember the school used to sub-lease out the space informally before and after the BJJ classes to yoga, aikido etc.
    Since Crossfit is nicely aligned with the type of met-con training that BJJers tend to like – it’s seems like a good fit.
    Best of luck.