Look Mom, No Legs!

As I’d spent Saturday walking Manhattan tip-to-tip, my knees were in rough shape, yielding an upper-body-only workout to torture myself, Yoon, and Ben – a visitor from the excellent CFNC in Raleigh.
As many rounds possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Pullups
10 Ring Dips
10 Knees-to-Elbows
This one is murder on the grip, especially when the bars are slightly wet from a night of rain.
Then, feeling bad about pansying on the leg work, we closed things out with a round of Tabata squats. Ouch.


  • Kevin Prowse

    Hello all. I’m new to this Crossfit stuff. But am very interested in it. Ive been doing bodyweight exercises, and training with barbells and dumbells. I also started training with kettlebells about 3 months ago and am loving it. I am looking for a challenge and some extreme fitness. IT sounds like you guys are it. If the weather is in our favor I would like to train with you guys in Central Park on Sunday.
    Take Care

  • Kevin Prowse

    Hello all. Hope all is well. I am very interested in training with you guys. I’m new to this Crossfit stuff. Are you training this weekend?

  • Yoon

    Hi Kevin,
    I’ll be there if the weather’s not too crazy Sunday morning (light rain…perhaps. Torrential downpour and dangerous lightning…no!).
    btw, have you checked out the message boards at the main site: http://www.crossfit.com/discus/messages/board-topics.html
    If not, I highly recommend it. Lots of useful info and a great group of people there.

  • back from colombia.
    any news on the new crossfit location???
    what have i missed this last month?

  • Justin

    Did you guys train in the park today? Les and I are in Florida and have our own down pours to live with…Anyways, see yall next weekend.

  • Yoon

    Hi Justin,
    It was just two of us on Sunday. Mainly a skills session (kipping, muscle-up practice, ring work, etc.). Also did a short but intense tabata workout consisting of pullups, ring dips and squats.
    btw, if anyone around the Upper West Side wants to do a workout during the week, shoot me an e-mail. You can find my contact info in my user profile on the main CrossFit message boards.