Toying With Tabatas

Yoon, Drew and I met in the park this morning and warmuped up with some muscle up work. First, we did some false grip bodyrows. Second, we did some jumping muscle ups. Third, we did rubberband-assisted muscle ups.
We also did some skin the cats.
For our workout we decided to try something different.
8 rounds of:
20 second squat
10 second rest
20 second burpee
10 second rest
20 second jump rope
10 second rest.
What I noticed was that there was very little drop in my numbers from exercise to exercise, i.e. 16 or 17 squats, 41-45 turns of the jump rope, and 6 burpees. It felt more like a traditional cardio workout like jogging for 12 minutes. I think this might be a good way to ramp decondtioned athletes into a Tabata protocol. Perhaps starting someone with squats, situps and jumprope. Eventually to squats, pushups and pullups. Pushing the time frame to 10 or 12 times through the circuit before reshuffling the exercises to do all the squats in a row, then the pushups and then the pullups. The downside is that it gets monotonous. Anyway, it’s always fun to try something different.
We finished with some handstands, handstand pushups, L-sits and straddle sits.


  • Keith W.

    BTW, I will not be in town next Sunday. I hope Josh will be able to go and oversee the ParkPainParade.

  • Alex

    We want CF-NYC during the week!!
    Bring it back!

  • Justin

    So, is the park on this weekend???