Mugged Again

As we hadn’t for some time, we returned to a long-loved Central Park WOD favorite: Mugging Gone Bad.
Today’s five stations:
Run the ‘Small Loop’
Ring Dips
Slam Ball
Jumping Squats
As ever, the run was the timekeeper, though we went through three rounds without the usual one minute break between each, leaving us at almost precisely fifteen minutes for the workout.
After that, a bit of skin-the-cat on the rings, and a short jaunt over to the Great Lawn for handstand tutorial courtesy of the upside-down-arific Messr. Wittenstein.


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  • Katy

    This sounds like fun… we (Santa Cruz, CA) just had the prostate cancer fundraiser “fight gone bad” this past weekend! Kicked ass!!! I will be visiting NY the first weekend in December and I am hoping to check you guys out!!!