Monthly Archives: August 2006

Look Mom, No Legs!

As I’d spent Saturday walking Manhattan tip-to-tip, my knees were in rough shape, yielding an upper-body-only workout to torture myself, Yoon, and Ben – a visitor from the excellent CFNC in Raleigh. As many rounds possible in 20 minutes of:… Read more »

Toying With Tabatas

Yoon, Drew and I met in the park this morning and warmuped up with some muscle up work. First, we did some false grip bodyrows. Second, we did some jumping muscle ups. Third, we did rubberband-assisted muscle ups. We also… Read more »

Mugged Again

As we hadn’t for some time, we returned to a long-loved Central Park WOD favorite: Mugging Gone Bad. Today’s five stations: Run the ‘Small Loop’ Ring Dips Pullups Slam Ball Jumping Squats As ever, the run was the timekeeper, though… Read more »