Monthly Archives: July 2006


“This workout makes you want to go home and update your will” says Dan. I couldn’t agree more. For time: 25 Manmakers. Holding a pair of dumbbells, jumpback and do a pushup. Do a row with each arm. Jump forward… Read more »

The Exercise

Today we started with some pvc snatches a la the Burgener warmup. Then we did what Dan John calls “The Exercise.” Very simple: power snatch to overhead squat, repeat. I didn’t quite go as well as I had hoped considering… Read more »


After a PVC O-lift warmup, we returned to a CFNYC classic: 21-15-9 Thruster KB Swings Burpees The twist: waaaaay too much weight on the thrusters and swings. As in, up to 75% of bodyweight on both (which I suffered through)…. Read more »

Teeming with burpees!

The plan was to have teams of two competing against each other for ultimate domination. Ultimately, I think the plan fell apart due to a minor flaw in the execution and some mismatched teams. Here was what I envisioned: 5… Read more »


Given today’s great park workout (which I’ll allow Keith to describe, as he dreamt it up), and strong popular demand, for the rest of the summer, we’ll be holding Sunday 10:00am classes in Central Park each and every week. As… Read more »

The Bear

We tackled this fun workout today known as “The Bear.” Take a barbell and do the following complex: clean, front squat, push press, lower behind the neck, back squat, push press from behind the neck and lower to the floor…. Read more »

It’s all jerks and snatches

…or so the saying goes. Tonight was a family affair. We had brothers, husbands and wives, students and teachers. Huge turnout–around 10 people. So we warmed up with some ohsquats, pushups and knees to elbows. The workout was inspired by… Read more »

Petit Diane

We warmed up with some handstands and one-arm handstand rows. Then decided to do a little Diane-esque workout. For time: 21, 15, 9 reps Deadlifts Pushups Kris: 65# DL & modified pushups with hands on a bench. 7:35 Drew: 135#… Read more »