As it says up top, our motto here is “until they kick us out”, and it seems we’ve, once again, lived up to that billing.
Despite sharing space with people literally punching each other in the face, the friendly folks at Five Points had some ‘concerns’ about the insurance issues involved in letting us work out there.
So, until further notice, classes at Five Points are suspended. Sunday workouts in Central Park will continue apace.
Keith and I are looking for our next home; by now, after being evicted from countless other spots, we know the drill.


  • Justin

    That sucks…Well at least now they can do their wrist curls in peace.

  • Alex

    Thats a big bummer. Good luck finding another place. If you need any help in finding a new one … let me know.
    Just a recommendation; perhaps we can do Saturday mornings in the Park as well? Just an idea…

  • Keith W.

    Well, this was the longest we’ve been in one place…if that counts for anything. I’m sure we’ll be back up and running soon. See you on Sunday.

  • Leslie

    I am heartbroken….

  • Brian

    If you go to East River Park, by the track, there’s an outdoor gym. You can take the N14 bus and cross the bridge to get there. Just saying if you guys wanted to go somewhere else other than Central.

  • juan g

    we need to get some sponsorship, maybe talk to adidas, lol. Did anyone see the rocky 4 trailer, I think Stallone is crossfiting in it.

  • Hari

    I guess this explains why no one showed up. Let me know whether I can do anything to help.

  • Maximus

    That sucks.

  • seth

    How much does it cost to meet up on Sundays? Where do you guys meet. Who can I contact to get all the info. I want to start crossfit.

  • ddd

    CRAPY CRAP CRAP!!!! I find it amazing that a place that kicks each other in the head for fun is concerned about OUR liability.