Keith started out the evening by showing us all how very, very poor our flexibility is, field-testing a Crossfit Yoga sequence he’s pulling together for the CF Journal.
Then, sweaty but limbered up, we took on a surprisingly brutal little workout, The Hundreds:
10 sets of 10 reps each:
Kettlebell Swings
It brought several of us as close to seeing Pukie as we’d been in months, including Max who, striding the fine line between impressive and insane, did the workout with a 2 pood ‘bell.
I want my mommy.


  • Maximus

    This is a close to refunding my lunch as I have come since I used to be into multiple heavy sets of squats. Time 14:40

  • Keith W.

    My last post was rejected. I don’t know what I said that violated the rules.

  • Keith W.

    I can’t seem to post anymore!

  • Keith-
    Super weird (I’ll see if I can figure out why), but oddly apropos, given that we’re getting the boot from Five Points.