Big Kids

We started with 500m Rows to warmup. Then we did the Burgener warmup. We also added some snatch skills. I can’t remember what this exercise is called but we started from the full extension point on our toes with our shoulders in our ears and then tried to jump into the bottom of the OHS. Followed with some hang snatches.
We kept it simple and did Jeremy: For time do 21-15-9reps of OHS & burpees. Instead of pvc pipes we did it with empty bars.
Max & I did it in about 5:07. Everybody finished shortly thereafter.
Then we did some work on squats, handstands, pullups, ring dips and muscle ups. Fun!


  • Maximus

    I was feeling very under the weather: did this with 15 lb bar, everyone else used 45. *wimpy*

  • Alex

    Its the heat! I’ve been drinking a ton of agua this morning.

  • Justin

    Sounds like fun…Maybe someday soon, Leslie and I will get our power back. We’ve been having our own brand of “fun” the last few days.