Low Land Games

Today’s park workout was fun. We had 9 people and did a bunch of fun feats of strength.
First, we did a circuit of 12, 9, 6 reps of the following:
Abmat Situps
Weighted jumprope
Slam Ball
Kettlebell swings
15# DB Thrusters
Ring Dips
Handstand Pushups
Then we had races:
Take a D-Ball and throw it then chase it for 100 feet. Do 25 bench jumps and throw/chase the D-Ball back.
Then we had 1.5 pood Kettlebell tosses for distance.
Then 25lb D-Ball tosses over a high pullup bar for one minute.
Can’t wait until next week.
Unfortunately, the CrossFit Mobile Command Unit might not be up to the task of hauling around 70lbs of equipment. It’s already showing signs of wear and tear after only one day.