“This workout makes you want to go home and update your will” says Dan. I couldn’t agree more.
For time:
25 Manmakers. Holding a pair of dumbbells, jumpback and do a pushup. Do a row with each arm. Jump forward and clean the weight to the shoulders, then do a thruster.
25 Turkish GetUps with each arm.
25 Step ups onto a bench box holding the dumbbells.
25 Windmills with each arm. With a dumbbell in each arm stand with the legs shoulder width apart. Press the right arm straight up and turn the toes 45 degrees to the left. Then while keeping the left leg straight and looking up at the right hand, hinge at the hip lower your left dumbbell to touch the floor next to your left big toe and then stand back up.
22:09 Keith w/ 25# Had to change into workout clothes during the workout.
29:06 Dan w/ 15# (started with 25)
30:00 Justin w/ 25# (started with 30)
32:14 Harry only up to the stepups w/ 10# (started with 20)
33:44 Leslie w/ 20# (started with 15)
Great work! See you in the park tomorrow.


  • Dan

    I was supposed to help someone hang stuff in their apartment this afternoon and I had to postpone because my shoulders were ready to give out. Great workout!

  • Dan

    Oh, and the windmills helped me realize how unbalanced my flexibility and strength are for one side versus the other. My form and speed when keeping my right arm up were significantly better than left arm up. That’s not too surprising given I’m right handed, but Iím hoping this will be resolved with practice. Did anybody else have a similar experience?

  • Justin

    That quote is my new favorite!!! Anyways, I dont know why, but my back is killing me. WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?!?! Anyone know the closest subway to the park tommorrow? Last time, Leslie and I walked all the way from the 5th ave. R stop and pretty sure dont want to do that again.

  • Dan

    I haven’t been there before, but it looks like the B/C stop at 86th street on the west side is your best shot. Here’s a link to the subway map:

  • Keith W.

    Yeah, the B/C are the closest. You can also take the 1 to 86 and B’way or the 4, 5, 6 on the east side.
    My back is aching too. Vodka helps.