After a PVC O-lift warmup, we returned to a CFNYC classic:
KB Swings
The twist: waaaaay too much weight on the thrusters and swings. As in, up to 75% of bodyweight on both (which I suffered through). Times ranged from a blazing 9:40 to an exceedingly respectable 23:45, especially considering the truly stupid amount of weight we were throwing around.


  • T

    Do you guys know of anyone in nyc who is experienced in the O lifts and might be able to do a session or two of training with me since I’m just starting?

  • Maximus

    21 – 15 – 9
    Kettlebell swings @ 72 lbs (unbroken)
    Dumbell Thusters 50 lb Dumbells (11,10) (8,7) (9)
    Burpees (more or less unbroken)
    Time: 17:39
    95% intensity

  • this was brutal.

  • Justin

    You mean to tell me it is less than 24 hours before we go through all this again?!?!