Teeming with burpees!

The plan was to have teams of two competing against each other for ultimate domination. Ultimately, I think the plan fell apart due to a minor flaw in the execution and some mismatched teams.
Here was what I envisioned:
5 teams of two.
4 stations: assisted pullups, assisted dips, hoover ball (medicine ball catch using a tree branch as the net) and standing guard situps (a la jiu jitsu – A jumps on B, A crosses his ankles behind B’s back, A does situp going all the way back and touching the floor with his hand and then sitting all the way up and reaching over B’s shoulder and touching him on the back).
25 reps each person at each station.
All the teams do a short sprint to the stations, the one team that is last to has to do 25 burpees each.
A team that finishes their station can go bump another team from a different station. The team that gets bumped has to finish any remaining reps as burpees before going to another station.
After the teams have completed all four stations, the two teammates will do a short sprint race to determine which of the two is the ultimate winner.
It made sense when I thought it up. Unfortunately, I had 5 stations today. The extra station was assisted parallette handstands for 25 seconds. That meant that there were less burpees for people. Oh well! Also the guard situps were not well received. You really need two teammates of equal size and strength and they have to be practiced beforehand. Apparently, they don’t come naturally. I like them, so I’ll keep torturing people with them until they come naturally to everyone.
Nonetheless, we all got good and sweaty and had fun with our teammates.
Then Josh decided we needed something a little more focused, so we did another workout of 5 rounds: 200m (ish) run and 20 squats. That cooked us good.
Then it was time to play on the rings doing an L-sit competition and skin-the-cats. Brian was there to perform levers and back levers and other cool stuff.


  • Yoon

    Keith, Josh: Thanks for putting together another great workout.
    Apologies once again to Preston, whom I dropped and crashed down upon during the standing guard situps!

  • Alex

    Wow sounds like fun. Sorry I missed it. I was out of town. Seeyou Wednesday though! We used to do those guard sit-ups in wrestling practice back in High School.

  • juan g.

    a fun lil sunday.

  • Awesome workout. Nothing better that a little heat exhaustion to put things in perspective.

  • sarena

    Sounds like u guys are having a lot of fun! I hope to come join ya in August