It’s all jerks and snatches

…or so the saying goes. Tonight was a family affair. We had brothers, husbands and wives, students and teachers. Huge turnout–around 10 people. So we warmed up with some ohsquats, pushups and knees to elbows.
The workout was inspired by Coach RutMan a/k/a the King of Dumbbells. Perfect for a large group of go-getters.
For time do
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps with each hand of the following:
one-hand hang clean & jerk
one-hand overhead squat
one-hand hang snatch
Wow! Talk about pain…er, I mean fun! Some people went with light weights, some people did all the lifts from the floor. Some people made up new moves. Overall it was a badass workout.
Times ranged from 18:53 to 33:44
I used a 30lb DB and finished in 20:19. I was too overwhelmed to write down who did what weight and what time. Please post your load and time to the comments.
Here are the times to choose from:
There might be an extra time in there because I might have accidentally hit the button when I thought someone was done or I got a late hit…don’t remember, I was wiped out.
On another note…Sunday will be a park workout provided it doesn’t rain. 🙂 10am, same place. I am planning a “fun” workout. 🙂


  • Justjn A

    I vote that Keith is the King of the Jerk or Snatch, take your pick…Anyways, I’m not sure what my time was but I finished right after Josh and was rocking the 35#s. Leslie was at 29:10 at 20#s, but her form was much better ;).

  • Maximus

    30 lb db finished in 18:54, a few seconds behind the leader. Could gone heavier and/or faster. Squats were full range, other moves were more power versions.

  • I think Justin and I came in just below the 22-minute mark, having been totally owned by our 35# ‘bells. Note to self: nobody is impressed by your doing more weight than necessary, and you certainly feel it the next day, if not by late that same night.

  • Alex

    Okay … that was an awesome workout and great to be a part of the NYC Community! Now … where the heck is the workout in the park on Sunday!?!?

  • Drew

    Workout in the park is in the Ross Pinetum by the pull-up bars, links below

  • Alex

    Thanks Drew!

  • dan

    Solid workout last night Keith. Thank you in a that-which-does-not-kill-me-will-make-me-stronger kind of way. Pleasure finally meeting you.