Petit Diane

We warmed up with some handstands and one-arm handstand rows. Then decided to do a little Diane-esque workout.
For time:
21, 15, 9 reps
Kris: 65# DL & modified pushups with hands on a bench. 7:35
Drew: 135# DL & regular pushups. 7:33
Josh: 155# DL & Handstand pushups. 7:20
Keith: 185# DL & regular pushups. 6:24
Played with the rope climb, ring supports and levers.
Fun stuff.


  • Justin

    Looks like we missed the fun…Thought the 5 Points was closing early yesterday. So who will be there tommorrow? Anyone?

  • i’m game, havent been by in a few weeks. My lil’ gym at work has been really WOD friendly lately. Anyone else showing up?
    zidane 3 – portugal 0