Back at Five Points, we stormed through a 21-15-9 triplet of:
DB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
DB Push Press
Special commendation goes to Dan, who followed up the workout by laying the best ‘sweat angel’ we’ve seen so far on the black floor mats.
After the workout, we headed down stairs, and then back up and down and up and down them, with kettlebells in hand.
Worried by the way the floorboards were flexing under our stomping climbs, we then stuck to the second floor, doing loops of kettlebell carries – waiter walks, farmer walks and the like – before ending with a kipping practice pullup ladder.


  • dan

    Clearly this workout was so nice, we needed to talk about it twice!

  • juan g.

    this a morning class?
    also anyone going to the wed. night class?

  • juan g.

    sorry i got my days mixed up..
    this be monday night’s class, your all talking about.
    so, anyone not showing up tomorrow night?

  • Thanks for sharing this helpful info!