Even the kitchen sink!

Crossfit NYC marches onward and upward with ever increasing numbers. Today we tackled a 21-15-9 (meaning 21 reps the first set, 15 second and 9 the third) workout of:
dumbbell sumo deadlift high pull
dumbbell standing push press
dumbbell weights ranged from 20 pounds to 35 pounds.
times ranged from 7 to 13 minutes.
This was followed by Turkish get-ups. (see
Next was kettle bell fun of walking exercises consisting of stair climbing/descending, waiters walk, grocery carry, horns up and bottom down variations. Weights varied from 1/2 pood (about 18 pounds) to 1.5 pood (about 54 pounds).
Still standing (somehow) we closed out with pull up kipping practice, 5 sets, starting with one the first set and increasing one rep each subsequent set.