Hot in the city.

What a scorcher! We had a good group in the park today. Too bad we didn’t bring a camera.
The crew:
Keith, Josh, Kris, Justin, Leslie, Dave, Drew and Graham.
The warmup:
Tabata squats
400m run
The workout
3 rounds for time:
400m run
10 burpees
10 pullups
10 bench jumps
10 pushups
Scores ranged from 14:50 to 19:30. Not too shabby.
L-sits and skin-the-cats and muscle up practice. Great work.
We are going to up the frequency of these park workouts. It’s too nice out now, so we are thinking of having one every other Sunday. I might even try to bring some weights to the next one.


  • Justin A

    Doh!!!! I forgot I had my camera in my bag…Anyways, its in there for the next round of fun.

  • sorry i missed it. sounds like it was fun. looking forward to the next one.