Thruster? I hardly know her!

Justin, Leslie and I tackled todays WOD with some heavy thrusters. Good stuff. Look out for next weekend’s workout in the park. Details coming soon.


  • JUAN G

    Hey is sunday a new workout day? or is that still just only for the onramp class.
    “give us pain or give us death.”

  • Keith W.

    Only for onramp class and privates and park workouts.

  • dan

    Post for Monday June 12 2006 please. Thank you:
    The On Ramp Leads to the Freeway
    Joined by recent on ramp graduates, Crossfit grinded through a variation of the classic fight gone bad workout:
    Box Jump
    Towel Pull ups
    Ring Dips
    Kettle bell swings
    Dumbbell thrusters
    C2 Rower.
    Score is reps completed using the C2 rowing machine as a timer (about a minute) for each of the six stations. Three rounds with a one minute (or two minute) rest between each round.
    We ended the festivities with Olympic lift PVC pipe practice.
    Despite stress fractures and Cybil’s presence (or was that Melissa?) a solid workout was had by all.