Yo Momma!

We had fun little beginner class today that spilled over into a full-fleged workout.
The beginner class worked on the Burgener snatch warmup. Then we did some sets of 3 with a 35# training bar. Snatches, cleans and jerks. After that we did a workout previously dubbed “Scott’s Mom.”
Max reps of
Overhead Squats
Front Squats
Back Squats
without putting the bar down on the floor.
Max reps of
Push Press
Push Jerk
without putting the bar down.
We then did a pullup ladder up to 9 reps. Then did some rope climbs. Finishing finally with a 1 minute knees-to-elbows contest.
The Algeras managed an impressive 200 squats each. Then did a ridiculous amount of push jerks. Clay also put up some ridiculous numbers…but I ran out of fingers so I lost count. Impressive work today.


  • a wonderful introduction. thanks to all.