Dan, Juan and I had a date with Fran tonight (21-15-9 of thrusters and pullups), blazing through with such blistering intensity that I, for one, ended the workout laying on the ground, my forearms cramping sufficiently to leave my hands involuntarily curling into fists.
After a brief period leaving sweat angels on the rubber floor mats, we headed upstairs to work on front lever and planche progressions, and to play some balance games – including a drill devised by Dan of ring pushups with feet on a medicine ball.
We’ll all doubtless be feeling this one tomorrow.


  • I’m feelin way guilty for cheating on fran.
    damn jumping pullups are just way too tempting!
    5:45? was it..
    im just a man, i was weak… lol
    I’m gonna have to see Fran again next week, to straighten this out.