Though I unexpectedly headed out of town, CFNYC rolled on without me.
The inimitable Dan DeFilippi weighs in with these class descriptions:
“Fight Gone….Easy!?!?”
On Monday May 8, we mashed through a Fight Gone Bad workout. 5 stations one minute each station with one minute rest after all 5 stations. 3 rounds. The goal is to perform as many reps as you can in one minute at each station.
C2 Row
Box Jump
Kettle Bell High Sumo Dead Lift
Dumbell Thrusters
Standing Military Barbell Shoulder Press
Upon conclusion, Christine stated “Ya know… I think we could have done a fourth round…”
We finished up with some BOSU ball squats. For those who don’t know, a BOSU ball is a 2 foot round exercise ball cut in half with a platform placed on the cut half side. It gives a great ab/core workout… as we found out last night.
Fight Gone Orange
Inspired by Chirstine’s captivating orange socks, we did another, yet different, fight gone bad workout. The catch this time is we added a 6th exercise to each round and did (read Christine made us) a fourth set:
Ring Push Ups
Gravitron Pull ups
Medicine Ball Clean and Jerk
Jump Rope
Knees to Elbows
1 minute each staton, 1 minute rest after all 6 stations completed for 4 rounds.
We finished off with some Turkish Getups and some barbell-wedged-into-base-of-wall-standing-ab-twists.
Good times. Good times.