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Unfortunately, I cannot attend this event, but you definitely should!
Third Annual Swing a Ring Day
Saturday, May 6, 2006 ÔøΩ 1-4 PM
Riverside Park, NYC ÔøΩ 105th Street
ÔøΩ Free Ring Swinging Demos & Individual Instruction by Santa Monica & NYC Experts
ÔøΩ Two Sets of Rings for Adults & Youngsters
ÔøΩ Free Sand Sculpting Clinic by Award-Winning Artist Matt Long
ÔøΩ Live Music & Refreshments at the Hudson Beach CafÔøΩ
Go to to see some crazy videos of what is possible on these rings.


  • dan

    Josh or Keith- please post for April 26, 2006 workout. thanks– dan
    Psychic Workout
    Despite the absence of Josh, Crossfit NYC pressed on with a variation of the March 18, 2006 WOD that was repeated again on April 27th, but we did it yesterday before it was posted as todays WOD. Weird.
    500 M C2 row
    50 kettle bell swings (1 pood or 1/2 pood)
    50 ring push ups
    50 burpies
    50 dumbell thrusters (15 or 20 lbs)
    50 Gravitron Pull ups
    50 push press with 45 lb barbell
    50 box jump using a bench press bench.
    Times for the most part were in the 30-40 minute range.
    One of our fearless crossfitters brought his new sexy next generation rings. Josh would have been slavating. We finished off our WOD with these rings by doing some skin the cats, archer pushups, and iron cross push ups.