Wet in the Park

Despite the torrential downpour, four of us showed up in Central Park this morning, storming through a first water-logged round of a run / slam ball / pullup / squat circuit before wisely yielding to the weather, and retreating to a nearby restaurant for a round of Tabata coffee-drinking and omelettes for time.
We’ll be scheduling another attempt at a park workout soon, though keeping our fingers crossed for sunnier skies the second time through.


  • David Wood

    My apologies for being, well, a wimp.
    Truthfully, it would have been tough for me to come, even if the weather had been perfect (something about the US Constitution . . . “to ensure domestic tranquility” . . . suggested I better get some work done aroundt he house). The rain was enough to convince me.
    I would love to do this if and when you can reschedule, and my admiration to the four hearty souls who made it out. Y’all are made of sterner stuff than me.

  • David –
    While you were missed, you also didn’t miss much; after a first drenched round, we realized we were too soaking wet to actually grip the pullup bar, and the rage ball was taking giant divots out of the ground. So, in short, we pansied out as well.
    Next time!