Kettle Hell!

I was inspired by a workout that I heard Coach Mike Burgener talk about on Crossfit Live. So I adapted it for our group today. I think it went well.
With one kettlebell do three rounds of the following:
20 deadlifts
20 deadlift high pulls
20 two-arm swings
20 right arm swings
20 left arm swings
We took a little rest between rounds and were quite suprised by how hard 300 reps with a light kettlebell can be. Everyone felt a little better after some Dim Sum in Chinatown.


  • Keith W.

    Wow! I’m feeling that workout in some interesting places today.

  • John Turner

    From the Left Coast….you guys are having way too much fun. What exactly is the dead lift high pull?
    Unless I missed it I have not found that one in my DVD collection or books but it sounds interesting.
    Kbs are a blast and it is especially fun to bring one into a gym. People are amazed at how you get cooked so fast.

  • marshall

    ok, today my legs are normal…5 days later, wow.