He Said, He Said

In researching history, the only thing better than finding a primary source is finding two that agree. Therefore, though I was off in Austin at SxSW myself, I’m pretty sure this actually happened.
According to Dan:

Fight Gone Bad– The Ear Rock Edition
On Monday March 13, despite the absence of our fearless leader Josh, “Ear Rock” Grahm, Stanton, myself and two first time cross-fitters, Duncan and Brett, jamed through a fight gone bad sequence.
After a totally random crossfit warmup:
5 stations, one minute rest after all five stations, 3 sets:
Pull ups
Ring Push ups
Rowing Machine
Afterwards, we slammed out some Turkish get ups and hand stand pushups, then moved downstairs and worked on our olympic lifts with bumper plates.
To quote Josh, “all were rockin’ and feelin saucy at the end.”

And from Stanton:

There were five of us, and we did a variation of Fight Gone Bad for three rounds with burpees, push press, “ring” pushups, rower, and pullups.
Then we did a bit of playing with Turkish get-ups, handstands, and cleans.
It was a good class. We had two new attendees: my friend Duncan and a guy named Brett.


  • Brett

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the great 1st Crossfit. I hope to be out at least once week.