Another fine CrossFit class built around the official WOD:
21-15-9 Reps
135 Clean
Ring Dips
We warmed up with a more intensive look at OHS form, and closed out playing around with back levers and inverted hangs.


  • dan

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    Fight Gone Bad– The Ear Rock Edition
    On Monday March 13, despite the absence of our fearless leader Josh, “Ear Rock” Grahm, Stanton, myself and two first time cross-fitters, Duncan and Brett, jamed through a fight gone bad sequence.
    After a totally random crossfit warmup:
    5 stations, one minute rest after all five stations, 3 sets:
    Pull ups
    Ring Push ups
    Rowing Machine
    Afterwards, we slammed out some Turkish get ups and hand stand pushups, then moved downstairs and worked on our olympic lifts with bumper plates.
    To quote Josh, “all were rockin’ and feelin saucy at the end.”