Something Gone Bad

While I continue to fall painfully behind on posting about it, CFNYC rolls ahead.
Monday evening, Court, Dan and Paul joined me for a Fight Gone Bad-esque workout:
3 Rounds of 1 minute at each of these stations, with a minute rest at the end of the round:
1. Pullups (Clapping Pullups)
2. Burpee (w/ Clapping Pushup)
3. Box Jump
4. KB Swing 1.5 Pood
5. 65# Push Press
The items in parantheses were optional, to make the workout more ballistic, but apparently I was the only one stupid enough to try them; catching the bar on clapping pullups gets pretty ugly by the third round.
After tallying the final scores, it became clear that Paul had smoked us all, though everyone had clearly put in some great work, as evidenced by the sweat angels left behind on the floor.
Then, in a burst of masochism, we closed out by doing the ‘two handed anyhow’: turkish getup using a barbell, then, with bar held overhead, squat down to pick up and press a kettlebell with the other hand.
Per usual, the people around us clearly thought we were nuts.


  • dan

    Don’t be fooled here kids. I was the rank amature among seasoned pros. One guy would be like…. naw dude…. you get a better pump if someone punches you in the nads while you’re doing pull ups … then the other one would be like… that sounds like a GREAT idea… i’ve never tried that… then the third would be like, naw dude…. have the guy going kettle bell swings slam the kettle bell into the pull up guys nads… then the other two were like… WHAT A FREAKIN GREAT IDEA!!!!

  • Actually, as most of the other guys at 5 Points are Muay Thai kickboxers, adding a ‘slam in the nads’ portion to the exercise might make us blend rather than stand out.
    Dan first.