Monthly Archives: March 2006

Overboard Again

Taking advantage of the differing weekend / weekday crowds, we once again repeated the Saturday workout, Man Overboard, this time dropping one station to keep things moving even faster, though with an added Tabata squat warmup that seemed to make… Read more »

Man Overboard

Naming credit for yesterday’s workout, Man Overboard, goes to Sherry, who shouted out as much when Marshall, exhausted from the 250m row sprint in the third round, literally fell off the C2 rower. The workout: 3 rounds, 1 minute rest… Read more »

So Nice We Did it Twice

Keith’s version the KettleHell workout was so brutally effective that, when I discovered I was the only overlap between Saturday and Monday’s class, I decided it was worth the repeat. Following the workout (and a requisite stretch of lying on… Read more »

Kettle Hell!

I was inspired by a workout that I heard Coach Mike Burgener talk about on Crossfit Live. So I adapted it for our group today. I think it went well. With one kettlebell do three rounds of the following: 20… Read more »

He Said, He Said

In researching history, the only thing better than finding a primary source is finding two that agree. Therefore, though I was off in Austin at SxSW myself, I’m pretty sure this actually happened. According to Dan: Fight Gone Bad– The… Read more »


Another fine CrossFit class built around the official WOD: Elizabeth: 21-15-9 Reps 135 Clean Ring Dips We warmed up with a more intensive look at OHS form, and closed out playing around with back levers and inverted hangs.


Named in memoriam of a CrossFitter killed last year in the line of duty, JT is a tough, tough workout: 21-15-9 reps of: Handstand pushups Ring dips Pushups Court, Dan and I blazed through – ‘blazed’ here being perhaps the… Read more »

Something Gone Bad

While I continue to fall painfully behind on posting about it, CFNYC rolls ahead. Monday evening, Court, Dan and Paul joined me for a Fight Gone Bad-esque workout: 3 Rounds of 1 minute at each of these stations, with a… Read more »