Cleaning Up

With a large crowd this morning, we jumped into some work on power clean form, before sending most of the group to face Liz:
Clean 135lbs
Ring Dips
Depending on their expertise, our brave CrossFitters scaled the weight on the cleans, and powered through.
Marshall, in a spate of masochism, faced off against Grace:
30 Reps
Clean & Jerk 135lbs
Then, as I was halfway through Grace myself, Marshall turned his masochism to sadism, asking me to test a workout I’ll call Marshall Tries to Kill Josh:
Power Clean & Push Press Bodyweight (in my case, 135#)
In theory, the workout would be three sets of ten each of those, but, given the half-Grace, I opted for just five reps instead, and still managed to see Pukie leering just around the corner.
After that, we worked on Turkish Getups and Skin-the-Cat.
Strong work.