Minute by Minute

This evening, Alan, Dan, Graham and I did a variant on the WOD:
One pull-up the first minute,
Two thrusters the second minute,
Three pull-ups the third minute,
Four thrusters the fourth minute,
going back and forth as long as you’re able.
We made it to the fourteenth minute before falling apart, each hoisting dumbell thruster weights ranging from twenty-five to forty pounds.
Following the workout, we hit some ring push-up variations, handstand practice (where Keith’s superior skills were sorely missed), and l-sits.


  • You made it to the 14th minute…I fell off the bar at the 12th minute.

  • dan

    … and don’t forget about all those handstand pushups you did Josh!

  • dan

    Last night I tried my own crossfit workout motivated by a crowded gym. I positioned myself at the open squat rack:
    15 clean with 65lbs
    15 no weight squats
    15 pushups
    5 sets 30 seconds rest between sets
    finished in 14:01.
    I could have increased the squats to 30 reps.
    Whaddayathink? How could this have been a better workout?

  • Dan-
    I like it. You get a pulling motion in the clean, balanced by a lower body push from the squats and an upper body push with the pushups.
    The only way to make it more CrossFit would be to drop the 30 seconds rest, and rest only as needed. Don’t know how much faster than fourteen minutes that would have left you, but it would have given you the chance to push harder if you thought you could.
    Warning to future attendees: I may steal and recycle this workout. 😉

  • davidjwood

    Congratulations and many thanks to Josh for getting this going again!
    Dan, I agree that it’s a nice workout.
    Thoughts: increase the squats (like you said) to 30, or do 15 front squats with the 65-lb bar in your hands.
    Throw 5 – 10 pullups in there, too.

  • DAN

    Thanks for the helpful suggestions.
    Did another one friday night. Thoughts on this one:
    25 wall ball with 6k medicine ball
    10 kipping pull ups
    25 pushups.
    3 sets about 30 sec rest between.
    finished in 12:54.
    I found this was a high cardio type workout.