Tentative Schedule

It looks like our future schedule may be:
Monday @ 7:00pm
Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Saturday @ 10:00am
Officially kicking off January 30th, and going until we all die or are kicked out yet again.
Any thoughts?


  • marshall

    sounds wonderful
    i am excited, sorry i missed the kick off.

  • Keith W.

    Sorry I missed it. Are you going to be there tomorrow? I miss working out with you guys.

  • graham

    josh: any word on the financal aspect? Thank you for keeping at it…

  • Philip Blake

    Are there going to be any classes scheduled before 1/30/06? If so could you tell me where and when?

  • Eric

    Hey- I’m interested in joining, if its not a problem. Can someone get me some info?

  • Stanton

    Days and times sound good to me.
    In case anyone is interested, Lost Battalion Hall is having an Olympic weightlifting meet Saturday, February 11. I might go out to check it out for a while. I’ve never been before, so I don’t know what the space or the meets are like. I’d like to check out their space though.
    From http://www.lostbattalionhallweightlifting.org/ :
    February 11, 2006: Larry Mintz Open Weightlifting Championships at the Lost Battalion Hall. Spectators welcome 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. Contact meet director Chris Smith at 516-520-0451 for entry forms.

  • See you all tonight, right?