5 Points

It seems we may have found a new home, as Wednesday’s session at Five Points went off without a hitch.
Alan, Stanton, Krischelle, Dan and Graham blazed their way through the workout, which Tariq kindly helped lead up.
After warming up with a round of Tabata squats, the workout was:
New Gym Gone Bad
3 rounds of 5 stations, 1 minute each; minute rest between rounds.
Ring Dips
KB Swings
Theoretically, score was total reps. However, as nearly everybody lost track of their scores on at least one round, did some static holds on the rings, and mixed a variety of jumping and non-jumping pullups, I’m not sure how representative they are. Nonetheless:
Alan: 139
Dan: 169
Graham: 190
Krischelle: 173
Stanton: 174

More importantly, it looks like 5 Points is going to be a great fit. We’re working out details for a permanent schedule, and will be posting here shortly with details on the regular rotation moving forward.
It’ll be nice to get back to work!


  • Very cool you hooked up with 5 points. They have very tough fighters.
    One Spirit Muay Thai