Like the Phoenix,

CFNYC rises from its own ashes.
Ever since The Trainer’s Place suddenly and unexpectedly went out of business, CrossFit NYC has been searching for a new home. We thought we had locked one in, but the recent Times article scared them off. And while we’ve been looking in to building out a space all our own, it’s clear that’s more of a long-term than immediate solution.
Fortunately, however, in the wake of a considerably more positive article in this month’s Men’s Journal, the owners of Five Points Fitness, a gym and Muay Thai school down in SoHo, tracked us down.
They’re excited to have us in the space, and we’re excited to, finally, after much, much delay, get classes rolling again. While we still need to powwow on permanent class-times as we move forward, to test out Five Points and get things back on track, we’ll be holding class this very Wednesday. The details:
What: CFNYC Kicks off 2006
When: Wednesday, January 18th @ 7:00pm
Where: Five Points Fitness
[444 Broadway, just above the N/R/W, 4/5/6 or A/C/E Canal Street stops]
The class will be a general easing back in, and therefore a ‘gentle’ introduction for any new attendees. Bring yourself, your gym clothes, and $15 to buy our way into Five Points’ heart.
Assuming things run (relatively) smoothly that first class, we’ll be jumping back in to a regular rotation. So, if you can’t make it Wednesday, but would like to be generally kept in the loop, certainly let us know.


  • Jarrod

    Is the cost $15/visit? Sounds like a great place but could become very expensive if $15/visit.

  • Keith W.

    how was it???? missed it. so sad. 🙁

  • marshall

    me too, are we on for sat?

  • After yesterday, I walk like a baby just learning to use her legs and make embarrassing faces everytime I’m on a staircase… yet I wait with bated breath to find out when the next class is. God, this is addictive.

  • Dan

    I hear ya Krishelle. So when is the next playtime?