Any Ideas?

While the move to PEAK is taking longer than expected, we’ve been deluged by emails of interest throughout the tri-state area. Anyone have any bright ideas for an immediate interim location?


  • I know there is fight house, where you can rent space hourly, bring your own KB’s though, as it’s not a weight training gym – mostly martial artists renting space there – not sure of the specifics, but if necessary I guess you can hold kettlebell / bodyweight classes there
    they are at
    have a great holiday and new year guys 🙂
    –zach 🙂

  • graham

    central park?
    any word on when we’re going to get into peak?

  • mz

    I think that asphalt green might be ameanable to your group.

  • michael

    the west side closer to midtown would be good….as peak is too far east and down; however, i don’t know of any specific places.

  • Hans Hageman

    Mr. Newman,
    My wife, Bernadette, met you a while back at a session in Central Park with Tony Budding and Nicole. She says everyone she met was very nice. We live in Harlem and my Crossfit space isn’t very big but we do have a small yard, a 300 lb. Olympic set, a trap bar, a TAPS pullup bar, rings, GHR, C2 rower, kettlebells, two Dynamax med balls, and a 20 lb. d-ball. I could make some time available for you and a few others while you look for a permanent spot. Let me know if this is of any interest. Happy New Year!

  • Cheryl

    can someone suggest a class I can drop in on, (pay by class) midday and midtown near grand central until peak is ready?

  • pjg

    went to the 86th street location on Jan 10, 2006. No one was home. Please change your information that the 86th street location is not running and keep this web page updated. Thank you.

  • jeff Bell

    call me: 917 359 4976
    bell fitness company 108 Wooster St. #2E in soho.
    plyo runway, lots of Kbells, a keg, db’s, olympic bar(no platform)
    sandbags, rings, power bands, pull up + cable station etc.
    This might work for you temporary.