Relocation in Progress

It seems we’ve finally, finally, found a home that’s a near-perfect fit, at PEAK Performance NYC – 21st St. between 5th and 6th Ave.
So far as we’ve seen, they seem to be the only gym in NYC with a similar focus on functional, powerful motions. They o-lift, pull sleds, heft sandbags, swing KBs, box jump, and generally focus in on the kind of stuff we get yelled at for doing everywhere else.
Second, they’re very well equipped for that kind of work, with several o-lifting platforms, C2s, kettlebells, GHD, etc.
And, third, they have *way* more space than any other facility we’ve seen.
We’ve been working out the last-minute details for the move, and should be in the new space in under two weeks.
In the meantime, as we don’t seem to be getting any love from the management anywhere else, we’ll be on temporary hiatus. Keep an eye on this site over the next week for ongoing updates and a date for the first update in the new space.


  • Cesar.

    I hope everything works out well!! Good luck!!

  • Thanks for update. I’ll be itching to work off the holiday bulk when I come back in January. In the meantime, I *might* get to check out CrossFit LA while I’m there this month. Good luck working out the rest of the move!

  • i am looking forward to my inaugural visit.

  • graham

    anything to be done to help?