Location Change: Underground Fitness Facility Test

Per usual, class tonight will be at 7:00.
Not per usual, it will be at NY Underground Fitness, 440 West 57th Street, just west of 9th Ave., in the basement of the Holiday Inn. (A bit odd, I know.)
Easiest way to get there is from either the Columbus Circle stop of the 1/9 and A/C, or for East-siders, the 7th Ave stop of the E, or the 57th St. stop of the N/R/W, both of which intersect the 4/5/6.
If we blow through today’s WOD, the brave amongst us can use the glute-ham developer for back extensions (along with the standard back ext. machine). Following that, we can also inventory equipment more generally, and determine what we’d need to bring in of our own to really get things up to fully-stocked.


  • Keith W.

    I like the place. It’small and crowded but the equipment is better and there is a bar in the hotel lobby. :)

  • Joe Flesche

    What about this Sunday (12-Nov)? Where are the classes going to be held?