Monthly Archives: November 2005

For the Record

With only two of us in class today, we decided to start things out with a run at the Trophy Board Bench Press Challenge: 30 consecutive reps of benching bodyweight. We did better than expected: David @ 155#: 17… Read more »

Holiday fitness

Todays workout got the best of all of us. I charted a difficult one in an effort to stave off this coming Saturday’s holiday guilt that will be brought on by 4 (or more) helpings of stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams… Read more »

Back to Trainer’s Place

Our apologies for the recent confusion on locations. While we’re still looking for the ideal home for CFNYC, we don’t want things to fall apart as we’re searching. So, for the time being, we’re back to Trainer’s Place (210 E… Read more »

Still Underground

Sorry for the last-minute post; we’ll be at Underground again this evening (see prior post for location details), then making a decision on the permanence of the switch.

Not Quite Ready for Combat

After a lovely round of Tabata squats to get things started, we made our way through the various Combat Gymnastics progressions outlined in the latest CrossFit Journal. Which were, in short, quite the kick in the abs. Also, early warning… Read more »