Sunday was another form-heavy day, as we worked our way through a slew of drills, exercises and progressions for the Olympic lifts.
Congrats especially to Joe, who hit a new PR in the C&J towards the end of class, as we began to load weight onto the bar. Armed with that psychological victory, I suspect he’ll be piling another ten or twenty pounds in the next month.
Another addendum: ‘congratulations’ of sorts to me, as I’ve apparently now become a standard measure of weight. An o-bar with one 45# plate on either end is precisely as heavy as I am – a scant 135# – leading two people in attendance to begin using phrases like “Clean & Jerking one Josh.” Which is fine, until someone actually does, inevitably, suggest that we use me as a weight one class when short on o-bars for a workout. Consider this a preemptive pass on that suggestion.


  • Greg

    Question: I was thinking of coming this coming Sunday (it would be my first time). If I do, is there a place I could leave my bicycle or would I need to lock it up outside?

  • There’s a hallway just outside the elevators on the 7th floor, where you could safely and unobtrusively leave a bike.

  • Joe Flesche

    Thanks for the comment Josh. Since then I have been working on the basic movements to increase strength; deadlift and back squat.