Old Favorite

Tonight we returned to a CFNYC classic:
DB Thruster
Our times:
Josh: 35#, 10:04
Court: 35#, 12:07
Michael: 25#, 14:06
Following that, we hung rings, working our way through dips, pushups, one-arm-piked pushups (there’s got to be a better name for this), and ring l-sits. Good stuff.


  • scott blanchard

    Court! Haven’t seen you in a while man. Last time was for the Murph workout. Work got in the way. Hope to see you next time.

  • davidjwood

    Oh, man, I’m glad I missed whatever set of workouts where that became a CFNYC “classic”.
    This is beautiful . . . really simple, total body, and I bet a real invitation to pukie.
    Good to see the workouts posted again . . . sorry I haven’t been there. I’m thinking of you guys.
    A big thank you to Marshall for reaching out to me in the darkness out here in NJ . . .
    Anyone going to the Colorado Seminar?