Pick weight up off the floor and put it over your head

I think Dan John has got the right idea when he says, “There are three kinds of strength training: Putting weight overhead; Picking it off the ground; and Carrying it for time or distance.”
Today we kept it simple and did 21, 15, 9 reps of the following couplet: 185lb. Deadlift and 95lb. Overhead Squat. With two barbells Marshall and I took turns between the two exercises and finished at 12:15. However, the truth is that Marshall smoked me on this workout. He banged out each set and waited for me to get done before we switched. I was slowing everything down. Good thing he was there pushing me or I would have taken 20 minutes to do that workout.


  • Just a note from my trip to CF-HQ. These guys have stepped it up a notch since I lived there. My last wo was 1K row for PB followed by 6 full-tabata intervals of:
    box jump
    slam ball
    air squats
    Thankfully there was a one-minute break in between intervals. Annie scored the best of course. Her total score was 77 after a 3:55 row.
    See you all this week.