Sunday In The Park

So I guess I should tell you about our Sunday in the park. For those of you that missed it, it’s too bad. I’ll be feeling this one for a few more days! It was a great crew of seven people.
We warmed up with a set of Tabata squats followed immediately by a run (a/k/a “crippled shuffle”).
Then we set up a chipper of run, pullups, dips, box jumps, handstand pushups, burpees, knees-to-elbows. Each one of us would be at a station until the runner finished the run. Then we would switch stations. We did the whole circuit 3 times with a short rest in between rounds.
It took about 31:35 for all three rounds. Fun stuff. We should do this more often.


  • Cesar.

    We should definitely do this againg. It sure helped me push harder ’cause I was about to quit after the first round but seeing everybody going all out, I was able to make it the end.