After a month on the road, I’m thrilled to have been back in town long enough to lead up three consecutive classes.ÔøΩ ÔøΩSadly, my blogging about those classes has been far less consistent. So, to catch this site up to real life, a quick run through the past week:
Pukie Brewster!
For Time:
150 Burpees
I’d been wanting to try that for a while, and was lucky enough to have a couple of other suckers, er, ‘fitness enthusiasts’ willing to join in the fray.ÔøΩÔøΩ
It was bad, though not nearly as bad as I’d feared.ÔøΩ Light enough, in fact, that we got to work our way through snatch progressions and form practice fairly extensively.
Started the day off with a round of Tabata squats, which my quads still haven’t forgotten.ÔøΩ Then onto a variant of the WOD, compounding the three exercises into a single chained movement:
Squat Clean -> Front Squat -> Overhead Press
Graham showed off some great form on his first pass at cleans, while Marshall scored bonus points by not only adding overhead squats at the end of the chain on the first set, but also hitting a new PR on the clean (115#) with the second set, followed by yet another PR on the clean with the third (135#).
Remind me again why we thought 7:00am was a reasonable time for a class?ÔøΩ I work in film damnit.ÔøΩ We’re night people.
Nonetheless, there’s nothing like blowing through Helen to get the blood flowing:
Three rounds for time:
400m Run
21 x 55# DB Swing
12 x Pullups
One of the other trainers came over afterwards, to say he was impressed by the intensity with which we blew through the workout.ÔøΩ With that much force behind our pullups, he said, we probably had great numbers on our bicep curls.ÔøΩÔøΩ
Could be.ÔøΩ But I don’t think we’re likely to find out.


  • Keith W.

    Although my alarm went off on time today. My back was crying in agony and told me to stay in bed and get a couple more hours sleep. I apologize. Since I’ve added jiu jitsu back into my life, I find sleep much more necessary.
    7am was a bad idea!

  • Actually, this is probably worth discussing. We put in a morning class thinking it might be easier for some of us to schedule in, which doesn’t seem to be the case, but we continue to suffer through it just because that’s what we initially chose.
    Would we be better off moving Thursday to the evening as well?

  • marshall

    i will come to all weekday evening classes.

  • graham

    I will come to all weekday evening classes as well, even if you have to help me into and out of my wheelchair for the next couple of weeks till i get some semblance of fitness in…

  • Murph

    Are you guys meeting this Sunday? Is it at your new gym? I am in town for the Yankees game on Sunday and would love to get a workout in with the crew!

  • We are (or, at least, I am) going to be there on Sunday; in this case, ‘there’ being The Trainer’s Place, our standard location, at 210 E. 86th.