Jet Set

Marshall and I, both less than 24 hours off flights from Europe, jumped in with reckless abandon, testing out a workout I’m coining ‘Jet Set’.
For time (and jet lagged enough that you feel vaguely like tossing your cookies even before you start):
95# Barbell Hang-Squat-Clean & Press
I rang it in at 27:01, Marshall at 30:15.
In the process, as we panted our way through the usual shocked stares, it occurred to me we CrossFitters serve a vital function at our gym: other trainees, watching us, doubtless start to think whatever they’re doing isn’t so bad after all.


  • marshall

    i think i had 95lbs too. i def had 10 lbs more than what we called an 85lb push press last Thurs, but may be off on the weight of the bar (30lbs on each end of the 30lb?? bar).
    and hats off to josh for coming up with something brutal.

  • Keith W.

    Nice! Sounds like a lot of fun. And by “fun” I mean painful!

  • josh newman

    Marshall is, indeed, correct. I had been thinking it was 90# as he said he was ‘grabbing five more pounds’ beyond the 85, though that clearly meant five pounds on each side.
    Seems I still haven’t recovered from that workout.