A New York Mile

Part of the fun of coming up with workouts is that you learn ways to refine them over time by watching what people do with them.
Today we warmed up with a one mile walk carrying a 45lb plate. It took about 15 minutes. I learned from watching myself, Scott & Marshall do this that I have to add some more limiters to this workout. The rules for the mile walk must include that you cannot stop or rest your hands on the handles of the treadmill. Furthermore, you cannot decrease your speed…only increase it…or worse, not change it at all. Nonetheless, it’s a great warmup. Try it!
For time
Run 1/4 mile
50 x air squats
Run 1/4 mile
25 x 135lb Deadlifts
Run 1/4 mile
25 x 85lb Push Press
Run 1/4 mile
Marshall 14:19
Scott 14:38
Keith 14:45


  • marshall

    Thanks Keith & Scott.
    That was a rough way to start the day. Keith, I love your creativity…but if you tortured a college student like that you would be jailed for hazing.

  • http://scott.blanchard@gmail.com Scott Blanchard

    I don’t agree with the limits on the walk. It’s a trek no matter what.
    Let’s make it a medicine ball next time!

  • matt

    How did you hold the plate. Where you allowed to switch hands? Sounds like a fun warm up.

  • Keith W.

    You’re allowed to hold the plate anyway you like. Switch hands as often as you like. You can’t rest it on the machine or put it down.