Monthly Archives: September 2005

Take it Outside

Heading back to our earliest roots, we’re taking Sunday’s workout to Central Park. At 9:00am per usual, but at the Ross Pinetum Playground rather than the Trainer’s Place gym. (For those who haven’t been before, the RPP is at the… Read more »

Mugging Gone Bad

Wow! This was some seriously tough work tonight. 3 rounds of 1 minute at each station: Box Jump Deadlift High Pull 35# Dumbbell Swings 15, 25, or 35# Push Press 45# Burpees 1 minute rest between rounds. Score is the… Read more »


After a month on the road, I’m thrilled to have been back in town long enough to lead up three consecutive classes.ÔøΩ ÔøΩSadly, my blogging about those classes has been far less consistent. So, to catch this site up to… Read more »

Shira Princess of Power

This is one of those stories you had a witness for. Like catching an enormous fish or meeting a talking dog. I’m sitting in the gym and in walks a 5-foot girl with a 6-foot backpack. Her name is Shira… Read more »

Yoga Update

Hey everybody! Some of you have been asking me about my yoga schedule. And since we haven’t updated the site in a couple of days, I’ll go ahead and post my schedule here. I hope you can join me for… Read more »


Crossfit is great because you can get an awesome workout for your whole body in approximately 15 minutes. We all had stuff to do today so we wanted to get in and out quick. In comes “Helen”: 3 rounds for… Read more »

Jet Set

Marshall and I, both less than 24 hours off flights from Europe, jumped in with reckless abandon, testing out a workout I’m coining ‘Jet Set’. For time (and jet lagged enough that you feel vaguely like tossing your cookies even… Read more »

A New York Mile

Part of the fun of coming up with workouts is that you learn ways to refine them over time by watching what people do with them. Today we warmed up with a one mile walk carrying a 45lb plate. It… Read more »