Flip Flop

As several people have commented that Thursday evening classes collide dangerously with prime NYC boozing time, we’re switching Tuesday and Thursday around:
Now, Tuesday classes are at 7:00pm, while Thursday’s are shifted to 7:00am. Tuesday night, Thursday morning. Re-pencil that in to your planner.
Also, because working out is far more fun when you can drag your friends in to share the pain, we’re instituting a ‘bring one, get one free’ policy: bring someone with you, and your class is on us.
See you tomorrow morning.


  • marshall

    arrgh, ok.
    i guess i will try to wake up early tomorrow…
    are the am workouts usually relatively brief?
    i am excited about tues pm workouts though.
    see you tomorrow, early.

  • davidjwood

    Attaboy, Marshall.
    I’ll be doing it at the same time.
    I’m thinking of an aerobic burnout . . .
    10 rounds:
    5 clean & jerk (95 lbs)
    5 chinups
    10 burpees
    Under 25 minutes = pretty good.
    Under 20 minutes = very good.
    Under 15 minutes = please go away, you’re making me look bad.

  • davidjwood

    Hey Josh, what happened to last Sunday’s workout log? We suffered pretty bad for that, and your own brother helped. Surely it deserved to be immortalized on the CF NYC blog?

  • scott blanchard

    Whose holding out on us with the Sunday scores!

  • Keith W.

    So have the times officially changed as of right now? Too bad, because I have to teach a class at 7am tomorrow and now my night is free.
    Time to start switching my schedule around.
    PS Yeah! Post Sunday’s scores!

  • marshall

    Wow, well david we didnt do that.
    i would pretend we would have given it the old post college try if had seen before, but that would be a total lie.
    we were brief this am, liked the efficiency
    and i had worried what happened to the blog….

  • Sunday scores:
    I’ve included the numbers both including and not including the single counted round of boxing. It’s a pretty good demonstration of how working out as a group helps people push themselves to meet other’s efforts, as the scores (especially the no-boxing ones) are ridiculously close.
    Keith 426 / 325
    Scott 377 / 342
    David W 369 / 331
    Josh 367 / 331
    David N 308 / 280
    Also, my favorite part of adding these up was noting how fast the handwriting went downhill with each passing round.

  • davidjwood

    Thanks, Josh, for the record.
    I confess, Keith, I didn’t do it either . . . I know, I’m a wimp.
    I *planned* to, but this ridiculous thing called “real life” got in the way.
    Going to the pool now (7 p.m.) for an aerobic cruise . . .